Putting control in the hands of investors

Anto Joseph on 14 Apr 2021

Spurred by continued technological advancement, the world today is more connected than ever and we believe this presents a tremendous opportunity for Australian investors who are missing out on global investment opportunities. At Stropro, we are providing Australian investors access to a much larger world of investing by unlocking access to emerging trends and defensive income solutions from around the globe.


Traditionally, banks aimed to serve the investment needs of their customers by acting as both a product manufacturer and a wealth advisor. However in a post-Royal Commission world, this has proved difficult for most banks to objectively provide investment products directly to their customers. With the enhanced compliance environment and the larger overheads that come with delivering a wealth service, two problems have arisen to the detriment of investors; banks find it difficult to execute on new ideas quickly and fees on products and services are potentially higher. Additionally, the high investment thresholds and large wealth requirements imposed by banks make access to investment products more challenging.


We founded Stropro to give investors more access and control


Stropro provides access to curated tactical opportunities that are conveniently assembled into investment products. Be it a new and emerging trend, or an enhanced income solution, strategies can be executed via a single product in a timely and responsive manner. We deliver this through a seamless digital experience and allow clients to actively track and manage their investments via the portfolio reporting functionality. Our proprietary technology platform gives access to unbiased, but carefully and expertly selected global investment opportunities, supported by deep research and compelling insights.


At Stropro, we are putting control of the investment process back in the hands of investors. We do this by offering:


Global investment opportunities

We leverage the capabilities of the world’s best trading and investment teams to bring you investment products from around the world.


Convenient Investing

Emerging themes and income solutions around the globe are conveniently assembled into a product for you to access. 


Our aim is to provide clients access to investment opportunities from providers allowing them to tailor and control their investment portfolios.


Product comparison

Via our Stropro marketplace, easily browse multiple investment strategies that can enhance your income, manage market volatility, and capitalise on emerging trends.  We provide product information pages that follow a standard format, free from jargon, easy to understand to help you compare key benefits and risks before you invest.



We are not a product manufacturer. We provide you with access to a curated range of the best investment opportunities regardless of the product provider.


Client-focused investor experience

We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional investor experience for our clients. Our platform provides a simple, efficient, and a delightful digital experience. You can invest through your company, trust or SMSF or in your personal name.  


Portfolio reporting

Access comprehensive portfolio reporting, which provides active tracking of performance along with unique insights to help manage your open positions.


Knowledge centre

Access our online knowledge centre where we provide research and insights to help you make more informed decisions.


Client support

Friendly support for all your enquiries and questions.


In the year 2020, Stropro launched more than 18 investment strategies from tier 1 investment banks, providing global insights, tactical and income opportunities toAustralian investors.  Some of these strategies have already successfully matured, providing consistent returns and navigating the downside risks through a very volatile period. We co-invest with our clients and strive to deliver the best digital investment experience.


We are proud to have welcomed more than 500 clients to Stropro and to have been awarded Best Educational Initiative in Asia-Pacific.


Our platform is a curated marketplace that assembles investment products from a multitude of investment providers, whilst giving clients choice, a place to compare, and unbiased information all within a secure and trusted digital investment experience.


To find out more about our investment opportunities visit the Stropro www.stropro.com


Anto is the founder and CEO at Stropro. This article is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional and tailored financial advice. This article expresses the views of the authors at a point in time, which may change in the future with no obligation on Stropro or the author to publicly update these views.


Investment opportunities on Stropro are available to wholesale sophisticated and professional investors. To find out if you are eligible, register on the Stropro platform and see what each of these investor types mean and help you self assess. Get started at https://portal.stropro.com/Signup/


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