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Here at Stropro, we are obsessed with optimizing risk and return to help drive better investment outcomes. We back ourselves by investing alongside clients.

— Anto Joseph, Stropro CEO & Co-Founder.

We give you a global perspective

Investors who have constructed a globally diversified portfolio are better prepared for a future that is becoming increasingly difficult to forecast.

Our mission is to digitise the private bank experience and inspire investors and their advisers to adopt a global, multi-asset approach to wealth management. We believe that alternatives can supercharge every portfolio but access, transparency and seamless digital execution have stood in the way.

Stropro is an alternative investment platform for investors and financial advisers who seek improved access to and education about alternative investment funds and products.

Stropro clients at an event discussing alternative investments

We provide access to innovative alternative investments

Stropro was launched in late 2019. Our founders have worked together for over a decade and came together with diverse backgrounds in private banks and fintech.

We have built trading platforms, stock exchanges and managed structured products worth more than $5 Billion. We took a good look at the private bank client experience and knew something had to change.

By recognising a need for technology to improve the transparency and process for alternatives, we designed and built a next-generation investment platform. You will be investing alongside us. We built this platform for you but also to manage our own portfolios.

Our clients rate us 8.6/10
Read what else they had to say...

Sabina D.

Partner at an accounting and taxation services firm

"Stropro has allowed me to diversify my portfolio away from local property and Australian equities. It has been a breath of fresh air."

Neil C.

Self Directed Investor

"The ability to have all my structured product positions reported and consolidated on the platform has been marvellous. Before I was manually tracking these on my own spreadsheet. I now have complete visibility of my holdings and all the insights I need."

Ollie L.

Senior Residential Mortgage Broker

"Stropro has been a game changer for me. I can tap on easily at 11pm which is when I usually check how my portfolio is going, see how everything is tracking nice and clearly (and its upwards…) and then also the guys educate me very well and also throw great events from which I increase my knowledge base and network. It’s a triple win for me.. And fun too.."

Dirk V.

Founder and Director of an organisational change management consultancy

"Stropro introduced me to the world of structured investments. It has been eye-opening to see what these global investment banks can offer in terms of downside barriers and enhanced exposure."

Steven H.

Owner of a consultancy firm

"I have used the Stropro platform to find defensive income strategies for my SMSF. The platform provides all the information I need to make an informed decision and then I can execute through a simple digital experience."

Rhona C.

Founder & Director of an operated Employment Service Provider

"I am extremely happy in my relationship with Stropro. They are intuitive, empathetic, communicative and very responsive to my needs."

David W.

GM at a global logistics firm

"Have been using the Stropro platform for 18 months now and have invested in multiple products. The fantastic range allows me to access some great returns while providing diversification and downside protection. Could not recommend the platform enough."

James H.

Managing Principal at a global financial services firm

"Great team, great products, efficient platform, excellent communication."

Siegfried D.

Senior BDM at a National Data Centre Service Provider

"Stropro has enabled our family to diversify our investment portfolio with a wide range of structured product options from highly conservative to growth oriented whilst reducing the overall risk and providing an excellent platform and superior customer experience."

Meet the team

Headshot photo of Elhan, Stropro Tech Lead

Elhan Binici

Tech Lead

Headshot photo of Anto, Stropro CEO

Anto Joseph


Headshot photo of Ben, Stropro CIO

Ben Streater


Headshot photo of Brent, Stropro Private Client Associate

Brent Paradise

Private Client Associate

Headshot photo of Sneha, Stropro Operations Analyst

Sneha Rajendran

Operations Analyst

Headshot photo of Rory, Stropro Investment Analyst

Rory Turner

Investment Analyst

Headshot photo of Rob, Stropro Non-Executive-Director

Rob Nicholls


Headshot photo of Fabian, Stropro Head of Product

Fabian Maella

Head of Product

Headshot photo of Abraham, Stropro Non-Executive-Director

Abraham Robertson

Executive Director

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