Modernise your client’s portfolio

Strengthen relationships by providing your clients access to quality alternative investments from around the globe.


Demand for alternative investments is growing

On the heels of pandemic-driven fiscal and monetary policy intervention, traditional portfolios are expected to underperform over the next 10 to 15 years.

In this context, alternatives and active management stand out as the two sources of both alpha and income.

Read how Ultra HNW CIOs delivered both strong returns and lower volatility by increasing their exposure towards alternatives here.1

A streamlined platform with superior reporting

Stropro provides a low admin platform that compliments your advisory stack. Do you work with a specific wrap or technology provider? Contact us and we will explain how we integrate.

Tailored products from a panel of global issuers

Private banks have been structuring products for their clients for decades. Now you can access those same institutional capabilities for your clients. Our panel of issuers can design and price products to suit your client’s needs - while you stay in control of your client.

Advisers using Stropro advise more than $10 Billion2


Here's what our Advisor clients had to say...

David Offer, Investment & Financial Advisor

Horizon Investment Solutions / IPS

"In conjunction with Stropro, our firm has been able to develop a uniquely tailored alternative investment for our clients. The AU Pairs Portfolio provides clients with a superior ongoing risk adjusted rate of return while enabling capital to be preserved. Stropro provides the expertise, relationships and product structure to give clients access to a space otherwise not accessible and we have enjoyed the process of building a unique solution in partnership."

Jobbe Yu, Partner

Solomons Group

"The Stropro platform offers unique alternative investment solutions for my sophisticated clients. The process and reporting is very user friendly for advisers and clients to navigate, which makes the implementation part very efficient for me."

Nilesh Patel, Private Wealth Advisor

JFC Advisory, Victoria

"As an adviser, I use Stropro to access unique alternative opportunities which can generate income and protect against market volatility. I work closely with the investment team at Stropro to curate ideas for my clients. In this fast changing market it’s good to have Stropro to design products that are right for my objectives. We look forward to continuously working with the Stropro team."

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