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Gain unique insights into the world of alternatives from our panel of leading fund managers and investment banks.
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The power of Alternatives with Stropro

Unrivalled access to alternatives

Broaden your access to global alternative investment opportunities that have otherwise been restricted.

Defined outcome investing

Access curated opportunities or bespoke investment solutions to optimise your portfolio in line with your current or future investment objectives.

Streamlined portfolio management

Our simple and intuitive digital interface gives you transparency and investment control.

Protective investing is our specialty

Investments from top tier global banks and fund managers that focus on:

  • Defined Income
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Defensive or Leveraged Growth
  • Global Diversification

Income focused

Structured Products

5 - 15% p.a.
3 months - 5 years

Income focused structured products provide a fixed return with a level of downside protection designed to preserve capital.


Venture Capital

5 - 8 years

A form of private equity investing that funds startups with a high growth potential.

Growth & Income

Infrastructure funds

8 - 15% p.a.
3 - 8 years

Investments primarily in facilities and utilities that provide essential services to communities.

Growth focused

Structured Products

10 - 250% p.a.
2 - 5 years

Tactical investment strategies that seek to exploit market conditions. Often thematical. Risk can vary from moderate to high risk. Often leveraged.


Impact & ESG Funds

8 - 15% p.a.
3 - 8 years

Is expected to grow significantly in 2023. Investors deploy capital for a purpose not just profit. Climate change and social outcomes are key trends.


Private Debt

8 - 12% p.a.
2 - 4 years

Sometimes called non-bank lending. Debt for private companies. One of the fastest growing asset classes globally.

Capital Preservation

Structured Products

5 - 7% p.a.
2 - 5 years

Tactical investment strategies that seek to exploit market conditions. The issuer may provide capital guarantee anywhere from 70 - 100% of capital.


Private Equity Funds

10 - 20% p.a.
4 - 8 years

Financing private companies. Funds are used for strategic objectives, restructuring or leveraged buyouts.

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Instant access to our global Structured Investment capabilities

  • Curated by investment committee
  • Bespoke investment solutions
  • Supported by investment bank research
  • Designed for Australian investors
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Do you manage your own SMSF?

Stropro provides investment solutions that can

  • Generate fixed returns
  • Preserve capital
  • Navigate market volatility
  • Provide defensive growth

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Registered clients on the Stropro platform

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Stropro clients gain access to a panel of the best global issuers that manufacture structured products. Register to review our past products.

What our clients say

Sabina D.

Partner at an accounting and taxation services firm

"Stropro has allowed me to diversify my portfolio away from local property and Australian equities. It has been a breath of fresh air."

Neil C.

Self Directed Investor

"The ability to have all my structured product positions reported and consolidated on the platform has been marvellous. Before I was manually tracking these on my own spreadsheet. I now have complete visibility of my holdings and all the insights I need."

Ollie L.

Senior Residential Mortgage Broker

"Stropro has been a game changer for me. I can tap on easily at 11pm which is when I usually check how my portfolio is going, see how everything is tracking nice and clearly (and its upwards…) and then also the guys educate me very well and also throw great events from which I increase my knowledge base and network. It’s a triple win for me.. And fun too.."

Dirk V.

Founder and Director of an organisational change management consultancy

"Stropro introduced me to the world of structured investments. It has been eye-opening to see what these global investment banks can offer in terms of downside barriers and enhanced exposure."

Steven H.

Owner of a consultancy firm

"I have used the Stropro platform to find defensive income strategies for my SMSF. The platform provides all the information I need to make an informed decision and then I can execute through a simple digital experience."

Rhona C.

Founder & Director of an operated Employment Service Provider

"I am extremely happy in my relationship with Stropro. They are intuitive, empathetic, communicative and very responsive to my needs."

David W.

GM at a global logistics firm

"Have been using the Stropro platform for 18months now and have invested in multiple products. The fantastic range allows me to access some great returns while providing diversification and downside protection. Could not recommend the platform enough."

James H.

Managing Principal at a global financial services firm

"Great team, great products, efficient platform, excellent communication."

Siegfried D.

Senior BDM at a National Data Centre Service Provider

"Stropro has enabled our family to diversify our investment portfolio with a wide range of structured product options from highly conservative to growth oriented whilst reducing the overall risk and providing an excellent platform and superior customer experience."

David Offer, Investment & Financial Advisor

Horizon Investment Solutions / IPS

"In conjunction with Stropro, our firm has been able to develop a uniquely tailored alternative investment for our clients. The AU Pairs Portfolio provides clients with a superior ongoing risk adjusted rate of return while enabling capital to be preserved. Stropro provides the expertise, relationships and product structure to give clients access to a space otherwise not accessible and we have enjoyed the process of building a unique solution in partnership."

Jobbe Yu, Partner

Solomons Group

"The Stropro platform offers unique alternative investment solutions for my sophisticated clients. The process and reporting is very user friendly for advisers and clients to navigate, which makes the implementation part very efficient for me."

Nilesh Patel, Private Wealth Advisor

JFC Advisory, Victoria

"As an adviser, I use Stropro to access unique alternative opportunities which can generate income and protect against market volatility. I work closely with the investment team at Stropro to curate ideas for my clients. In this fast changing market it’s good to have Stropro to design products that are right for my objectives. We look forward to continuously working with the Stropro team."

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