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What We Do

Stropro is Australia’s dedicated platform for sophisticated investors.

We unlock institutional investments from some of the world’s leading investment banks.

Via the Stropro platform, we arrange investments that are versatile, thematically driven and generate outperformance compared to traditional asset classes.

Why institutional investments

The world’s wealthiest investors across Europe, Asia and America typically have private bank relationships to help strategise, structure and curate investments on their behalf.

Our panel of global investment banks have some of the largest research and trading teams in the world and they operate across the globe. These powerful institutions have unique pricing capabilities, access to emerging trends and access to innovative investment opportunities.

We bring all of these capabilities to our clients through a digitised private client experience. Because as you know the best investments are not made available to retail investors.

So rather than invest like a retail investor, request access to Stropro and bring institutional capabilities to your investment decisions.

Have you invested in structured products before?
Access opportunities from global investment banks
Stropro arranges investments from some of the world's leading investment banks. We enable investors the opportunity to:
Enhance income
During times of low interest rates our products provide strong & regular income.
Navigate market uncertainty
Investments designed to withstand market volatility.
Access tactical opportunities
Access investments across a range of emerging themes and asset classes.
Add and monitor your existing positions & take advantage of the latest opportunities
Comprehensive and transparent reporting
Add your existing structured product positions into our platform and unlock powerful reporting and monitoring features. Have peace of mind knowing how your investments are performing.
Explore the latest opportunities
Access to structured product investment opportunities from a panel of leading investment banks.
Enhanced portfolio reporting
Market leading reporting
The Stropro platform has revolutionised the way that institutional investments are transacted and reported. We are recognised by the industry for bringing increased transparency to the institutional investment market.
Enhanced insights & analytics
Access comprehensive portfolio reports, active tracking of assets along with unique insights to help manage your positions.