Why we created Stropro for Australian investors?

Anto Joseph on 21 Nov 2019

Stropro was founded to provide Australian investors access to Structured Products – exclusive investment solutions that have historically been restricted to private bank and institutional investors. These investors have been utilising structured products to enhance income, reduce volatility and increase diversification. We believe Australian investors are missing out on this alternative investment solution due to a lack of three things; awareness, access, and Structured Product portfolio management tools. One of our driving forces for developing Stropro is to democratise access to Structured Products. 


What are Structured Products? 

Structured Products (also known as Structured Investments) are highly customisable investment solutions that accommodate a range of investor preferences. A structured product is assembled by an Issuer, usually a reputable investment bank, and provides exposure to a set of underlying assets.


They enable an investor to:

– Access to a broad range of asset classes (e.g. equities, fixed income, ETFs,, currencies)

– Target specific investment objectives (e.g. income, growth, capital preservation)

– Manage a range of risk profiles (e.g. low risk, balanced, aggressive)


After speaking with Stropro investors, which include a number of high-net worth clients, advisers and family offices, we identified the top four investment objectives that Structured Products can cater for:

1. Generating income in a low yield environment;

2. Managing volatility in an uncertain economic environment;

3. Preserving capital as you accumulate wealth; and

4. Capitalising on a specific market or thematic view.


The Stropro Platform 

The platform offers Structured Products issued by various global banks, and manages the life-cycle of those investments through transparent reporting and risk management tools. Stropro clients can also access our Knowledge Hub, where we provide general education about Structured Products.

We are excited to provide Australian wholesale investors access to the global structured products market, which is estimated to be more than $7 trillion (total amount outstanding). The Stropro team is comprised of individuals with extensive banking experience, capital markets regulation, deep relationships with issuers, a strong network of high-net worth clients and advisers and a thorough understanding of technology needs for the current market. Stropro has been backed by some of Australia’s leading investors including many who are also Stropro clients using the platform.


If you are a wholesale investor, register today to access the platform. If you are a financial adviser contact us at info@knowledgehub.stropro.com  and we can demonstrate our adviser portal and explain how Stropro can facilitate offering these products to your clients.


Anto is the CEO of Stropro. This article is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional and tailored financial advice. This article expresses the views of the authors at a point in time, which may change in the future with no obligation on Stropro or the author to publicly update these views.


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